A frontrunner in academic excellence, Collin College has partnered with USA Today’s Community College Readership Program to enhance student literacy through the availability of daily newspaper copies at each of its three main campuses.  Complimentary USA Today newspapers are offered to the entire college community and will be delivered Monday through Thursday for the duration of the summer.

“The Community College Readership Program’s mission is to promote civic engagement, global awareness and literacy by providing students access to newspapers in their learning and community spaces,” said Jim Barko, dean of academic affairs in developmental education.

Barko said the placement of free newspapers on campus supports the growth of students’ core competencies in critical thinking, effective communication, civic responsibility and quantitative and information literacy.

In addition to the availability of newspapers, the college’s developmental education division is piloting a reading project. The curriculum utilizes USA Today content for teaching reading strategies and improving overall reading ability, with special emphasis on reference and research skills.

For more information, contact Jim Barko at 972.881.5721 or jbarko@collin.edu.