(above: students are participants at the Zumbathon fundraiser)


Child joins the action at Zumbathon fundraiser

“As a result of childhood obesity, today’s 10-year-old girls are expected to live five years less than their mothers,” said Traci Ramsey, Collin College physical education professor and Sugar and Spice student organization advisor.

In honor of September’s Childhood Obesity Month, Sugar and Spice held a “Zumbathon” fundraiser from 10 a.m. to noon on Sept. 27 at the Spring Creek Campus to raise money to fight the growing problem.

The event included 30-minute mini-zumba sessions from a variety of instructors.

Organization member Evelyn Moreno said the group chose zumba because it is a fun and trendy exercise option that allows participants to go at their own pace.

“It’s exciting, not intimidating, and it’s something that unites people,” Moreno said.

Admission for children was free, and the fees for students and adults were $7 and $10, respectively. Participants were invited to snack on donated fruit and to take part in a raffle. Water and mixed bags from Mixed Bag Designs were also sold, with the proceeds going towards the group’s donation fund.

The organization, which focuses on both events and mentorship, hosts other activities throughout the year, including speakers, fundraisers and play days in local and urban parks.

While organization member Kristen Martschinsky says much of her motivation for joining was serving as a good role model, she believes she has learned a lot as well.

“I’ve learned that people come from all different backgrounds,” Martschinsky said. “For some groups we try to reach, family is a very important part of their culture. That means we need to create events that include the community and family unit.”

The women say being involved in a student organization has also taught them applicable life skills. Martschinsky has gained experience in public relations, Moreno has learned about administration and both have had the opportunity to present their cause to local companies and organizations, requesting tangible help, such as in-kind donations.

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