Catch some zzzzzz’s

An all-nighter might sound like a solid study choice, but a study by Business Insider shows that going for long periods of time without sleep actually raises the level of cortisol, or the stress hormone, in your body. Make sure to study, but also get plenty of rest in preparation for your exams.

Distance your distractions

Try limiting whatever it is that keeps you from preparing. Consider temporarily disabling your phone notifications or blocking programs on your computer that waste time.

Just do it

Don’t procrastinate until the day before (or 10 minutes before) to start reviewing your notes and textbooks. Studies show that studying consistently for 25 – 30 minute chunks for several days is better than cramming.

Make time for yourself

Don’t run yourself ragged studying 24/7. Make time to see friends, eat a great meal or even zone out watching Netflix.

Let it go!

You’ve done your best all semester long and finished a test. Now, let it go and enjoy the holidays! Or sign up for wintermester and keep the momentum rolling.