Collin College will offer block scheduling for select certificates and one degree beginning this fall. Administrators hope block scheduling will improve completion rates by providing more consistent class times for students.

The college will offer an associate of applied science from the Interpreter Education Program (IEP), as well as certificates in Computer Networking Technology Software (MCSA), Computer Networking Technology Advanced Software (MCSE), Marketing and Real Estate. These are the first five programs to move to block scheduling, but there may be more to follow.

There are several benefits of block scheduling, but the primary benefit is more predictable class times. Classes for these certificates and degree are scheduled so that they fall in morning, afternoon or evening blocks. By clustering the classes at certain times of the day, students can anticipate their schedules from semester to semester.

That is true for the certificate series, which can be earned in two semesters and for the AAS for the Interpreter Education Program, which unfolds over two years. The IEP schedule offers afternoon and evening classes throughout that time, allowing students to plan their work or non-academic schedules well in advance.

The block scheduled classes are also guaranteed, so students seeking these certificates and degrees don’t have to worry about the number of students signing up. Secondary benefits include the chance for students to go through their full degree or certificate plan with many of the same people in their classes, leading to more cooperative learning and lasting academic relationships.

Each degree and certificate program will continue to be offered with traditional scheduling as well, allowing students to choose the option that works best for them.

Interested students can learn more block scheduled program specifics at .