Why would anyone put themselves through all of the “extra work” of taking an honors class? One word: BATMAN!!!

Honors Institute logoOK, well maybe a few more words are in order. Check out this month’s Allen Image article on some of the unique classes Collin College’s Honors Institute is offering this fall and learn why you should check into this spring’s honors classes.

In addition to a bevy of other honors offerings covering subjects from calculus to psychology, this semester’s students have the chance to discuss DC Comics heroes – like Batman – in relation to identity politics, debate U.S. Supreme Court cases that shaped our nation and experience the humanities in a way few students get the chance.

Honors classes, which are available to any student with a 3.5 GPA, provide students with benefits including smaller class sizes, priority registration, free testing materials, exclusive honors societies and scholarships, transcript notations and articulation agreements with local universities. Read more about them here and check out the Allen Image article (page 40) here.