Collin College Hits the Airwaves

KVGI radio show host Stuart Sax recently interviewed Dr. Brenda Kihl, executive vice president and chief academic officer, Dr. Jennifer Blalock, vice president for workforce and economic development, and Arianna Gray, assistant director of financial aid and veteran affairs on the show “Someone You Should Know.”

The premier radio station in Frisco, KVGI has listeners across the DFW Metroplex and across the world. According to Sax, the Aug. 5 show was one of the most listened to shows across the country. Residents as far as Canada and Mexico were also listening to this show.

“I think it is the best value in the country,” Sax said regarding a Collin College education.

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Q&A with Radio Host Stuart Sax

Stuart Sax Radio Host

Stuart Sax Radio Host

Radio host Stuart Sax not only featured Collin College on his radio show, but he is also one of the college’s newest students.  To learn more about this veteran’s journey back to college, take a look at the Q&A below.

Why did you decide to take a class at Collin College?

 I decided to take a class at Collin College following two interactions with students and administrators.

In the spring of 2016, I was contacted by Sintija Himel, a Lithuanian student and two of her fellow students, to participate in a U.S. Library of Congress program of interviewing Vietnam veterans. I spent several hours being interviewed and found them to be extremely professional in the process.  I was notified by the Library of Congress that my interview had been received and was being reviewed for the exhibit.

I started a weekly radio program in mid-June. On Aug. 5, I featured Collin College and shared with my audience the opportunities for veterans and non-veterans to earn associate degrees at an affordable cost. That interview sparked my interest in looking into the Continuing Education program.


Before you interviewed people from Collin College, what were your preconceived ideas? What changed after your research and the interviews?

I heard that Collin College was an affordable alternative to the major university system, especially for the first two years. Following these events, I learned that a student does not lose an ounce of academic professionalism by following this course, and that even people like myself, who have been away from academia for nearly 50 years, can find courses of interest to stimulate their minds and advance their knowledge. I chose American Sign Language.


What surprised you? What surprised your audience?

Following the radio interview, my audience and I realized that Collin College is more than a stepping stone for high school graduates in their pursuit of higher education. I had no idea of the vast curricula available as well as the opportunities for veterans, seniors and others to improve or change their careers paths.

What surprised my audience, and myself, was the incredibly affordable cost per credit hour for all students whether they are in county, out of county, out of state or even international.  I am confident that our broadcast led to additional inquiries and registrations for the current term.


Why would you recommend Collin College?

I suppose the main reasons I would recommend Collin College to anyone, young or old, is the attention to detail by the faculty and administration in helping students achieve their goals. Whether you are 17 or 70 (like myself), it is never too late to learn.  Go Cougars!