Eric McCrory

Eric McCrory stands in the Oval Office replica at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Eric McCrory is eager to give back.

It would be easy to make an argument that the 25-year U.S. Army veteran, now working as an audiovisual archives technician at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum has already given a lot to his country, but McCrory says he can do more.

“I am very happy where I am,” he said. “I enjoy doing what I do, but my ultimate goal is to take whatever I have learned in the military and at Collin College and be able to give that back to my community.”

As a student at Collin College, McCrory has continued to demonstrate his commitment to service by becoming involved with Student Veterans of America. He has served as the communications officer for Collin SVA, a role which dovetails into his studies at Collin.

“It was a great conduit, having the veterans group there, because it allowed me to talk to other people and say, ‘Hey, it isn’t just me,’” he said, pointing out the ways the SVA has helped him as well.

You can read more about McCrory’s life in the November edition of Allen Image. The profile looks at a career which has carried him through Europe, into Afghanistan and into the White House, where he served as an audiovisual director/supervisor for the White House Communications Agency before leaving the Army for civilian life and his current position at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.