Today, Cougar News is chatting with Stephen Rogers to get the skinny on new student orientation. As the Coordinator of Programs for New Students at Collin College, he is the man with the answers.

What is new with student orientation?

New student orientation is now mandatory for First Time In College (FTIC) students.


If I attended another school, am I considered a FTIC student?

No. If you provided Collin College with transcripts from another college or university you are not considered a FTIC student, and you are not required to complete new student orientation.


When do I have to complete new student orientation?

New student orientation is required before you register for classes. You will have a hold on your account until you complete it. You can complete orientation online or on campus.


Why is new student orientation required?

Research shows students who attend orientation sessions are more likely to succeed than those who do not. By coming to orientation, Collin College hopes students will avoid pitfalls many new students encounter. Orientation is a great way to understand the different policies and procedures, learn about advising and how to register for classes and what it takes to do well in college. You can also learn about college resources. Learning about the institution you are attending is really important.


How long does new student orientation take?

The online session takes about an hour, and the on-campus session takes about two hours.


What is one benefit of the on-campus session?

I think one of the best features is that you can ask questions and interact with our amazing faculty during an on-campus session and learn what it is like to be in the classrooms of those professors.


I am not a FTIC student. Can I still attend an orientation session?

Absolutely. All students are welcome to attend on-campus orientation and learn more about the college. Email, and we will send you the link to register.


Is it free?

Yes, both the online and on-campus sessions are free.


When is on-campus orientation offered?

We offer on-campus orientations from Nov.-Jan. preceding the spring semester and from March-Aug. before the fall semester.


Can I complete it early?

Yes. For example, if you want to attend a summer class, you could attend orientation in January or March. We want to work around students’ schedules. That is why we offer online and on-campus options.


If I have questions, how can I get additional information?

Go to for more information.  You can also contact us for questions or support at 972.881.5902 or at .