Are your holiday plans all tied up with a bow? These students know what they are doing.

Ryan & Luke DeFatta 

  • Educational pursuit: Both undecided
  • Winter break plans: Family is coming in from Shreveport, Louisiana. After spending time with the family, they will try to head out to New Mexico to ski before coming back and getting ready for the spring semester.

Madeline Keck, Collin College Student Government President

  • Educational pursuit: Child Development
  • Winter break plans: I will be staying home for the holidays. I plan on getting lots of sleep and studying to get ahead for the spring semester. When I have some free time, I will be applying for a job.

Seth Rich, Collin College Student Government Secretary

  • Educational pursuit: Business
  • I will be taking a Wintermester class during the break. When I am not in class, I want to work to save a little cash.

Brandon Young

  • Educational pursuit: Business
  • I will be traveling with my parents to Pensacola, Florida to visit family. I am originally from Florida. After the break, I will come back and get ready for the spring semester. I plan on heading back to Florida after Collin to continue my education.