It wasn’t just the great food that drew Officer Warren McNurlen to Norma’s Café in Frisco recently. This Collin College police officer was participating in “Tip-A-Cop,” a program which supports Special Olympics Texas athletes. Police officers volunteered at four Norma’s locations and raised $12,603.

“We are involved because as officers and a department we like to give back when we can,” said Officer McNurlen. “I have personally found this venue very rewarding. I am the only officer from Collin College for this particular event, but there are other events in which college officers have participated.”

Officer McNurlen and server

According to Officer McNurlen, he and Officer Scott Knight as well as officers from Dallas, Duncanville, Cedar Hill and Tarrant County had the opportunity to present awards to athletes at the Special Olympic Texas’ 2017 Spring Games. Officer McNurlen adds that the officers also sold t-shirts for the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

“It’s important to me to appreciate the things in life we take for granted and the things these athletes accomplish with no insecurities, hate or worries other than to help each other and do their best,” Officer McNurlen said.

During the spring games, one athlete would not leave the podium until she could give Officer McNurlen a hug. He responded to her request for an embrace with an enthusiastic, “Absolutely.”

“Her parents said that we didn’t know just how much we made their day and that they appreciated us so much for being there,” said Officer McNurlen. “My response was, ‘Oh no, she’s making our day, and thank you all so much for letting us be here!’”

Officer McNurlen and Officer Knight will also participate in the Special Olympic Texas’ 2017 Summer Games in which athletes from across the state compete.