(Above) Collin’s Cougars faced off against national competition at women’s and men’s NJCAA tournaments in May.  For more photos, click here.

The Collin College men’s tennis team finished eighth and the women’s team finished 12th in their national championship appearances in May. Coach Marty Berryman said he was pleased with both teams’ performances.

“Overall, it was a great year, and we are bringing back the majority of our players on the men’s and women’s sides,” Berryman said.

The women’s team earned 18 points at the national championships, held May 6-12 in Tucson, Ariz. The Collin players scored points in every place, with Saera Kanda winning the back draw of Flight 2 singles.

“All eight girls did a fantastic job,” Berryman said. “We had a couple of tough draws that prevented us from going up, but every girl did incredibly well.”

Berryman said the men’s side had a little bit better draws, but that was not the only reason they had a strong showing at their national championships, which were held at Spring Creek Campus, May 15-19.

“The men have been working hard,” Berryman said. “Every one of them contributed, whether they were in the lineup or not.

“I felt like we were winning the national championship with that team,” he said, noting that the team’s collective GPA was over 3.0.”

He said the team could have at least one player named an Academic All-American.