(Above) All of the 2017 ROSE Award nominees gather for a picture during a reception, June 23.

“You are what makes this college the outstanding institution that it is.”

That is what All College Council Chair Stephen Rogers told an assembled crowd of ROSE Award nominees and well-wishers as this year’s award finalists were named, June 23.

2017 ROSE Award full-time finalists

Full-time ROSE Award nominees (from left) Rachel Walker, Debbi Livingston and Francis Choy join ACC Chair Stephen Rogers and District President Dr. Neil Matkin for a photo at the nominee reception. (Not pictured) Todd Fields and Stan Gardner.

This year’s full-time finalists are: Francis Choy, instructional designer at Preston Ridge Campus; Todd Fields, director of admissions/registrars; Stan Gardner, operator/maintenance HVAC technician at Courtyard Center; Debbi Livingston, accounts receivable associate at Spring Creek Campus; and Rachel Walker, administrative assistant at Spring Creek Campus. This year’s full-time nominees are: Rebekah Larson, hospital lab coordinator/skills instructor at Central Park Campus; Diane Maxson, secretary at Preston Ridge Campus; and Sarah Peeples, lab assistant at Central Park Campus.

Although the winners will not be announced until All College Day in August, the festivities provided the council with an opportunity to celebrate all of the award’s nominees.

The ROSE (Recognition of Service and Excellence) Award is given annually to one full-time and one part-time staff member who exemplifies Collin’s Core Values of Learning, Service and Involvement, Creativity and Innovation, Academic Excellence, Dignity and Respect, and Integrity.

2017 Part-time ROSE Award nominees

Part-time ROSE Award nominees (from left) Sarah Peeples, Diane Maxson and Rebekah Larson join ACC Chair Stephen Rogers and District President Dr. Neil Matkin for a photo at the nominee reception.

“With 2,500 employees and 52,000 students to serve, only the best of the best qualify for the ROSE Award,” District President Dr. Neil Matkin said, before standing for a photo with the finalists.

Dr. Matkin noted in his remarks that the ROSE Award’s symbol dates back to the founding of the college, when Sue Olivier walked door to door collecting signatures on a petition to establish the college. Olivier, who would go on to become a founding board member, and her team of volunteers wore silk yellow roses in their lapels as they collected the signatures which would establish the college in 1985.

“Today, the yellow rose serves as a symbol of the hard work and passion invested in the establishment of Collin College, and it also stands as a tribute to our founders and supporters,” Dr. Matkin said.

Other nominees honored at the ceremony are listed below.

Full Time: Peggy Akers, assistant to the dean (PRC); Mary Banos, financial aid/VA advisor (PRC); Barbara Batista, child development lab school director (SCC); Ann Blackman, director of instructional technology (PRC); Melissa Blackmore, reference librarian (SCC); Kim Davis, coordinator of special projects (CHEC); Jack Denton, manager of academic technology (SCC); Andy Duckworth, coordinator of the music technology lab (SCC); Pamela Dutro, administrative assistant (CPC); Arianna Gray, assistant director of financial aid and veterans affairs (SCC); Tammi Gupta, biology lab instructor (SCC); Judy James, executive assistant (CHEC); Roxanne Jones, administrative assistant II (CHEC); Nadia Khedairy, academic advisor (SCC); Renee Long, executive assistant (PRC); Robert Long, clerk in mail/receiving (SCC); Pamela Love-White, counselor (CPC); Evelyn Martinez, accounts receivable associate (CPC); Richard Nicholls information center assistant (CPC); Jinger Peeples, assistant to the dean (CPC); Alan Pixley, director of financial aid and veterans affairs (CHEC); Brandy Reeve, supervisor of technology (CPC); Claire Shipman, circulation assistant (SCC) and Mindy Tomlin, reference librarian (SCC). Part Time: Amanda Lunn, reference librarian (SCC); and Carelyn Mitchell, degree plan coordinator (SCC).