Student Reporter

Here is the latest in the new student voice series. Momoh is back providing a little inspiration for the upcoming semester through her fellow students’ stories. 

This month’s question: Who or What is Your Biggest Inspiration and Why?



“As cliché as it sounds, my mom is my biggest inspiration. She came here from Ecuador and made the American dream. She is the definition of a hard worker. Through looking up to my mom, I realize that anything is possible, if you just do it.”

—Emilie Montemayor, pursuing a degree in behavioral neuroscience






“My biggest inspiration is my dad. When I see the struggles that he’s been through and how he’s faced them it helps me a lot when I go through troubles in my life.”

—Sharon Francis, pursuing a degree in science





“Who? It would probably be my dad. What? It would be failure. My dad is just someone who I’ve always looked up to, and failure is always there keeping me from slacking.”

—Luke Haworth, pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering





“My little cousin is my biggest inspiration. She wants me to do better which makes me want to do better for myself and for her.”

—Katlyn Sutton, pursuing a degree in early education