The annual Health Science and Public Safety Career Information Expo will give attendees the chance to learn more about potential careers. The event is scheduled from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 21 at the Central Park Campus Conference Center.

Cougar News asked counselor and co-organizer Pam Love-White for a little more information about the expo.

How does the Health Science and Public Safety Career Information Expo differ from a career fair? 
The expo is aimed at assisting individuals with gathering information about Collin’s health science and public safety programs so they can make an informed decision about their education and career paths in these fields. Career fairs are synonymous with job fairs where individuals come with résumés in hand to talk to employers to find jobs. 

Is the expo useful for someone who already has a specific career in mind? 
It can be very helpful for individuals to meet program directors and ask more specific questions about Collin’s health science and public safety programs to confirm their decision. On the other hand, attendees might find other career paths they did not know existed.  It’s a win-win!

Are there specific events at the expo, or is it come-and-go? 
The event is organized to have a specific start time so all attendees can listen to the health science and public safety directors share specific information about their programs.  Following the presentations, attendees can visit with program directors, faculty and students.  Also, academic and financial aid advisors, and career services professionals will be there to answer questions. 

What should I bring to get the most out of the expo? 
Great question! Definitely bring questions. Write them down so you don’t forget them. Question topics might include: enrolling at Collin, classes needed before applying to a specific program, deadlines, which program is right for me, who can help me find the best career choice, and where I can get more information about the job market for these programs.  These are just a few of the questions an expo attendee might have.  Attendees should bring their enthusiasm about finding a career in health science or public safety. 

What kind of feedback have you gotten from people who have attended in prior years? 
“I loved being able to talk to the program director.”  
“I didn’t realize Collin had so many health science and public safety programs.” 
“Wow, surgical technology really is the way I want to go!” 
“Thank you for hosting this amazing expo!” 
“I’m so glad this was open to the public.”
“The expo gave me the opportunity to get all the information I wanted in one spot.”
“A great opportunity to tour the new Cary A. Israel Heath Science building.”
“I loved seeing the simulated cadaver. It was awesome!”