The winners of the 2017 ROSE (Recognition of Service and Excellence) Awards were announced at All College Day, Aug. 18.

Diane Maxson, ROSE Award

Diane Maxson (center) accepts her award as the Part-Time ROSE Award winner. (At top) Todd Fields is honored as the Full-Time ROSE Award recipient.

Todd Fields, director of admissions/registrar, was honored as the full-time ROSE Award winner. Diane Maxson, a secretary at Preston Ridge Campus, was honored as the part-time ROSE Award winner. The ROSE Award is given annually to one full-time and one part-time staff member who exemplifies Collin’s Core Values of Learning, Service and Involvement, Creativity and Innovation, Academic Excellence, Dignity and Respect, and Integrity.

Cougar News spoke to the recipients about the award, what it means to them and how they approach their jobs.

Were you surprised by the nomination and/or the award?
Todd Fields: Yes, I was very surprised and honored to be nominated.  I was on vacation during the ROSE Awards ceremony in June and was shocked to learn that I was a finalist when I returned, so you can imagine how surprised I was to hear my name called on All College Day!

Diane Maxson: YES! I was honored that two of my professors that I support and my boss nominated me.

What does the phrase “Service and Excellence” mean to you?
TF: Demonstrating not only a willingness to go above and beyond in your job duties, but to do so with enthusiasm and positivity. I find that it’s important to remind myself that I’m not just here to do a job, but to serve our students, faculty and staff.  When you go about your job with a mindfulness toward serving others, your job ceases to be a job and becomes a sense of purpose.

DM: Being aware of what is needed by everyone involved with Collin College within the areas that I support and making sure all their needs are met in a timely manner.  Excellence is performing at the highest level at all times.

How do you approach your role at Collin College?
TF: First and foremost, I recognize that this is a team effort, so I always keep the team in mind. I identify each team member’s strengths and try to empower them as much as possible to achieve their best results, because when each member succeeds, the whole teams wins.

DM: My main goal is to support ALL professors, staff, students and community members. I work hard at anticipating professors’ needs and providing the needed resources so they can better serve their students. I make sure I listen closely to everyone and treat them with dignity and respect. I always remember our Vision Statement – “Delivering a brighter future for our students and communities.” That is why I am here!  

How does it feel to be honored by your co-workers in this way?
TF: I feel honored and very appreciative that they took the time to share such kind words for me. I’m also appreciative to the members of the All College Council for selecting me from a list of tremendous staff members; every one of the nominees were equally as deserving.  Thank you all.

DM: I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be honored by my co-workers. I have been an educator for 25 years and retired to take care of my mother with her health issues. I am now working part time with the most amazing college and am so blessed to continue to work with education. I am very thankful for being recognized for a job that I love so much!