Collin College Heads to Wylie

Collin College’s Board of Trustees have colossal dreams. They envision a vibrant future in which education is a bridge to success for individuals and businesses alike, a future in which Collin County communities are transformed from great to astounding. In 2015, they hired District President Neil Matkin to bring their dreams to fruition. The vision may be lofty, but make no mistake, step by step this Collin College district president is turning dreams into reality.

Last year was a banner year for Collin College—from receiving authorization to offer three baccalaureate degrees, to the passage of a $600 million bond, which is paving the way for the college to offer new facilities including a brand-new campus in Wylie.

Construction on the approximately 97-acre Wylie Campus site is slated to begin mid 2018. Located along Country Club Road across from the Wylie Municipal Complex, the more than 300,000 square foot campus is projected to offer four main multi-story buildings that function as the learning resource center (library), campus commons, student center and laboratory with additional support buildings.

City of Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue says Wylie will benefit from Collin College on many different levels.

“The City of Wylie will benefit both culturally and economically by having Collin College in our community,” Hogue said. “The presence of this premier campus makes our city more appealing to corporations, small to mid-size businesses, and restaurants and retailers due to the increase in daytime population.”

The new Wylie campus will accommodate 7,500 students and will offer workforce training to meet the needs of the local community. In addition, courses will be available in liberal arts, social sciences, science, math, and fine arts to prepare students for university transfer in most any major. Proposed programs include business management, marketing; child development; teaching; health professions (CNA, EKG, phlebotomy); licensed vocational nurse; veterinary technician; hospitality and food service management; information technology (Cisco networking technology, computer network technology, computer systems, cybersecurity); logistics technology, supply chain management, purchasing specialist, electronic engineering technology, and engineering field of study.

Wylie Independent School District Superintendent Dr. David Vinson describes the partnership between Wylie and Collin College as transformative.

“The master plan for Collin College is precisely what we asked for,” Vinson said. “It combines academics with what we want to do from a technical standpoint and provides facilities for both. It is also what parents have asked for in terms of their own growth and development.”

For Dr. Matkin, a bright future begins with listening to the goals of community leaders and responding to the community’s ever changing needs.

 “We are forging an innovative partnership with Wylie, and we cannot wait to open the doors and usher Wylie residents and businesses into a promising new future,” Dr. Matkin said.

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Reprinted with permission of The Connection