It is hard to miss the CougarQ promotions around the Collin College campuses. But what is CougarQ, and why should you care?

CougarQ is the new virtual line system the college uses to aid efficiency in admission, advising, financial aid and more.

Below is a short game of Myth or Fact. Answers are at the bottom. What do you score?

Myth vs Fact: CougarQ

  1. You have to come to campus to use CougarQ.
  2. You can be anywhere you get good cell phone reception and still be in line.
  3. You do not need a cell phone to use CougarQ.
  4. CougarQ displays your personal phone number or your name.
  5. CougarQ is complicated and time consuming.

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1.Myth: You can sign into to CougarQ from your cell phone or any other Internet-connected device wherever Wi-Fi is available.

2.  Fact: There is no need to come to or remain on campus until you receive a message that you are nearing the front of the line.

3.  Fact: While cell phone users can register for a place in line through their phone, you can also sign up via the Internet and campus kiosks.

4. Myth: CougarQ will only display the last four digits of your phone number or a truncated version of your name.

5. Myth: Using CougarQ allows you to be in control and better manage your own time. Enjoy friends, watch a movie, go shopping or eat while you wait. It is your decision and your time. CougarQ does the waiting for you.