It is ROSE Award time again.

The All College Council recently announced this year’s nominees for the award for Recognition of Service and Excellence (ROSE), which recognizes consistent application of the college’s core values through service to the college, staff, students and/or public by Collin College staff members. The ROSE Award is Collin’s highest staff recognition.

They nominees are: Full Time – Allan Garrison, Ana Chavez, Brian Lenhart, David Drane, David Wayne-Owens, Debbie Dunn, Glenda Strange, Jackie Langford, J’Anna Mann, Jenny Warren, Judy James, Julie Youngblood, Katherine Fitzgerald, Kim Costello, Kimberly Head, Natalie Tuggle, Nirisha Garimella, Peggy Akers, Selena Luna, Sheri Mackey, Susan Miller, Tim Bowles and Todd Fields; Part Time – Annette Powell, Jimmie Dearman, Karen Horn and Steven Anschutz.

All nominees will be honored and recognized at the ROSE Award ceremony, 3 p.m., Thursday, July 16 at the Central Park Campus Conference Center.  The finalists also will be announced at that time.

The ROSE Award winners will be announced at All College Day, August 12.