By Kona Momoh, student reporter

Are you a FIFA video game player looking to meet other FIFA players and show off your skills? Look no further gamers; Collin has got you covered. Collin’s intramural program has now created a FIFA tournament club where students can compete against one another in the popular game series. Cougar News spoke with Will Mitchell, the head of intramural sports, and Doug Helton, intramural coach and head coordinator of the FIFA tournament. They shared their insight on how intramural sports such as the FIFA tournament began.

image of Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell

How did intramural sports start here at Collin?

The intramural program started about a year ago by demand with the help of innovation grant money for programs. Students wanted to engage in physical activities and gain a similar experience to what a four-year college has to offer.

Which sports are included in the program?

We offer a variety of activities here. Sports leagues have included soccer, flag football, basketball and volleyball. We’ve got some other fantastic programs including video gaming opportunities, zip lining, escape rooms, golf, laser tag, bowling, billiards, ping-pong, dodge ball and paintball.

How did the FIFA tournament begin?

The first tournament began this November, initially starting as a way for FIFA gamers to engage with one another, and it ended up having a great turnout.

How many students are estimated to be involved in intramural sports?

There are hundreds in the leagues. Soccer has about eight teams, and each team has at least 15 students. In basketball, we had two different leagues with six teams and about 10 students for each team. Typically, we’ll have 30 or 40 students registered for an event. Last semester alone we had about 1,000 students who participated in our programs.

image of Doug Helton

Doug Helton

Are there any pre-qualifications to take part in intramural sports?

Nope. You just need to be a student and have an ID.

Why should students get involved with intramural sports? What is there to gain?

It’s great for students to participate in these programs as studies have proven that intramural sports help to decrease students’ anxiety and stress level, improving their cognitive function which benefits students on and off the court. They also keep students engaged and allow them to communicate with one another, strengthening their social skills and teaching students the importance of teamwork and leadership.

Cougar News also got the chance to interview the winner of the fall FIFA tournament Muhammed Khan and find out how he got involved in the FIFA program.

Image of intramurals champion student

Muhammed Khan

Is this your first time participating in an intramural sport event? If so, how did you find out about it?

Yes, this is my first intramural event. I’ve been playing FIFA for a long time. When I saw online that there was going to be a tournament I just wanted to be a part of it.

How many matches did you play this season? How many did you win and lose?

I played six matches total and lost only one.

Will you be participating in more tournaments in the future?

I will definitely be coming back for the next tournament!

The FIFA tournament along with other intramural sports here at Collin have encouraged hundreds of students to get involved and get active, and you can get involved too. Whether you love competition and want to sharpen your skills or try something new and meet other Cougars along the way, there is a wide variety of intramural activities from which to choose.  Think you have a chance at being the next winner of the FIFA tournament? The FIFA club will kick off its second tournament this upcoming spring. Interested in how you can get in on the intramural action? Check out